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1. Torrie Wilson - 18 Million $

Torrie Wilson being justified regardless of a stunning $18 million will come as a stun to some. She appreciated a strong WCW contract from 1999 to 2001, preceding getting a charge out of a comparatively well paid arrangement in WWE from 2001 to 2008. From 2002 to 2005 specifically, Torrie amassed more magazine spreads than whatever other WWE diva. She was the spread star of DVD activities, for example, Divas Undressed, notwithstanding the undergarments and swimming outfit uncommon magazines.

2. Stacy Kieber - 4.5 Million $

Still, her six year WCW/ WWE vocation will have gone somehow to clearing her street to wealth. Specifically from 2002 to 2005 she was a hot represent WWE, going about as a key offering point for DVD and magazine specials. On screen she wasn't quite a bit of a star in the ring, she for the most part showed up as an administrator, yet her bowing between the ropes spot was without a doubt a highlight of the night for aficionados of that period.

3. Mickie James - 4 Million $

The dominant part of her fortune most likely originated from her WWE run. Five years is a strong spell, a run which provided for her six title rules. By overwhelming the primary occasion diva scene she will have collected a lot of reward cash, notwithstanding her work in marketing, for example, diva two-piece and undergarments shoots. She was a glamor girl for the organization for a significant part of the recent 50% of the 2000's decade.

4. Trish - 3.5 Million $

In fact her initial couple of years with WWE were not here or there. Nonetheless, from 2003 up until her flight in 2006, she was one of the key countenances of the organization. Whether it was a diva dvd, a magazine, or a shirt, Stratus was a standout amongst the most advertised ladies in the organization. She was additionally frequently in the top spot for ladies in the wrestling shows, from which she would have earned an extensive reward on top of her drawback.

5.  Lita - 2.5$ Million

So why she is just justified regardless of simply a little sum more than AJ Lee? Actually, the likely answer is that a top diva in 2014 gains route more than a top diva would have in the early 2000's. You additionally have the way that Lita missed significant time with wounds and was continually second to Trish Stratus and later Mickie James.

6. AJ Lee - 2.3 Million $

It must be her mixture of acting and wrestling capacity. Her brilliant character work prompted her being opened into various prominent storylines from 2010 to 2013, quite adore triangles with any semblance of megastars going from Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and even Kane. On WWE's leader show and exceptional occasions there simply hasn't been a female in the same association as her.

7. Natalya

Be that as it may, having been under WWE contract following 2007, Nattie has gradually and doubtlessly developed a strong 2 million dollars. It isn't excessively troublesome for the lower gifts to accumulate this much cash in WWE over a long stretch – global visits and occasions like Wrestle mania guarantee huge adjustments. Added to this, Nattie will have had a drawback assurance of no less than 100k and additionally sovereignties from tasks, for example, Total Divas.